Affordable Care Act

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The Maryland Insurance Administration has posted new rates for next year’s individual insurance plans.

Kyle Leslie, Matt Purdy / WYPR

WYPR's Fraser Smith and Jenna Johnson of the Washington Post talk about Maryland's construction of a new health care exchange website using software code from Connecticut, and why some say the process has been too secretive.

Maryland is scrapping most of its troubled health exchange website, replacing it with the same IT infrastructure Connecticut built to implement the Affordable Care Act. The state will pay contractor Deloitt Consulting $40 to $50 million to set up the framework that's worked in Connecticut.

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We in the news biz are often accused of caring little about any news that’s not bad news.

Kyle Leslie, Matt Purdy / WYPR

WYPR's Fraser Smith and Karen Hosler talk about Evergreen Health Co-op and how it has changed its business approach in order to adapt to Maryland's slow and still-challenging health exchange website.

Tom Chalkley

First, you thought: how did Republican Congressman Andy Harris get a Democratic administration to investigate Maryland’s health care reform rollout?

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WYPR's Fraser Smith and John Fritze of the Baltimore Sun talk about federal auditors' announcement that they will review Maryland's health insurance exchange and what role Rep. Andy Harris (R) had in that decision.

Maryland has ended its relationship the North Dakota-based company that was the main contractor on the state’s troubled online health exchange.

With a bit more than a month left for people to sign up for health insurance plans set up under the Affordable Care Act, the federal website known as finally seems to be working smoothly — in 36 states.

But what's happening in the 14 states that are running their own exchanges?

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Cell phones, health care and the Common Core standards dominated action in Annapolis this week.